What a ‘happy water game’

On Tuesday afternoon, there was a ‘happy water game’ between Mr. Ji and Mr. Ju.
We were having a Chinese lesson that time. The teacher was telling us something important as a reviving for the exam. All of us were learning carefully so that we could caught everything that the teacher told us, and all of us knew that if we learned more carefully, we would get into good grades. Suddenly, Mr. Ju poured a big cup of water to Mr. Ji and shouted loudly, ‘Do you want to die?’ The same time, the cup of water rose up and failed down. Students around them were all wet badly. The A.C.was on so they all felt cold. At once the teacher got very angry and told them to stand next to the blackboard. He said that if anyone failed in the exam, that would be their wrong because they broke class rules. After class, some helpful students share there cloths to the wet students.
The next day,our Chinese teacher told our headteacher about it, so our headteacher told them to write a 1000-word article about why they did it, what they were wrong and how they felt. She said that she wouldn’t let us do it.

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