The Truman Show

My friend told me that she watched The Truman Show recently, and liked it very much. And I remembered the movie that I watched long time before. I don’t remember every detail in the it, but I started to think…

What if I’m Truman?

What if everyone around me is actor?

What if I’m living in a huge photo studio too?

Maybe there are thousands cameras (like my computer screen) around me but I’m the only one who doesn’t know?

Think about it.

Maybe there are a lot of people looking at me right now, and some of them are wondering why I’m typing this sentence; or they are thinking about is that a mistake to made “The Truman Show” this movie to let me found and watched it? Do they know what I’m thinking at the moment? Is there a script for me? Do they like my show?

I don’t know the answer. Maybe I should stop doing the stupid things (such as taste the vanilla extract directly) right away in case they laugh at me in front of the TVs.

Probably there was a Sylvia had given me a hint, but I didn’t get it.

How do I find the way out of the show? Do I need to push any button in somewhere like in the TAKAGISM? Should I go find someone help me? Or there is no one can help me? Everyone I know is just my work partner?

I wonder if I’m in the show, what my partners are thinking about. Do they feel bored? How do they know what am I going to do and how do they figure out their lines?

There are too many weird questions I want to ask but right now, I don’t remember…

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