Something I know about America

In last two weeks, I watched two documentary film named ‘The Men Who Build America’ and ‘America-The Story Of Us.’ I never seen any documentary films as this two. They impressed me how America grew into Superpower from a colony.

The man I most want to discuss is Davison Rockefeller. In the beginning, he just a boy who born in a poor family. He believe in God and thought everything is charged of God. When he was a young guy, he owned a Oil refinery which he established in 100 dollars. The film told me that Rockefeller didn’t have large ambition until one thing happened. That was a day which Rockefeller received a invitation from another legend role who called ‘Commodore’-Cornelius Vanderbilt. Commodore gave a chance to Rockefeller to develop his Oil refinery. Of course, Commodore just wanted take advantage of Rockefeller to consolidate his position in rail industry, He wanted to be a king. Originally, Commodore can reach his goal with his project. However, a accident happened in Rockefeller and changed Rockefeller. As a result, the history was changed.

A train was ran off the rails and ruined in a lake. Rockefeller bought the train’s ticket. Fortunately, he didn’t get in the train because his carriage was not ready and he missed the time. Then he knew the sad new and feel he was saved by God. In his opinion, it is a enlightenment that God want he to do something different with others. From this event, he realized that he cannot be utilized by Commodore. He should dominate his destiny and be a powerful man.

After Rockefeller made a agreement with Commodore, he worried about his capacity. Because to reach the agreement, he need to make his Oil refinery improve capacity at least double. The film didn’t give me the method which Rockefeller used it to solve the problem about capacity. But I know Rockefeller is a man who believe in work hard and final he succeed.

I don’t want to show you the story about Rockefeller, I just want to let you know ambition and courage are necessary if you want be a successful person. You can see the problem which Rockefeller had and another powerful in the story. He took the risk and got the chance, he challenged himself and his destiny and he succeed.

All in all, people who want to get success, he or she must have brave to thing, to plan and do it.You supposed to know that risks are always beside opportunities. For your future, think deeply and make a plan. And just do it!

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