My school name is Yuelong Middle School.  It is  good place,it have two教学楼 ,we can study about many 知识, and I like Art best ,beacause it often make me feel happy, and I amgood at it,so I can study it so easy  .Our school has a big playground we often play there at PE lesson.  our school also have a reading room,we often read there.  From it I can learn a lot about the world. There is a place ,it has many many flower,have a guess it is what? Yes,it is garden!Our garden is so pretty,it has many many flower,like茉莉,杜鹃花,百合花,等等。It has different kinds of tree also.Like 杨树梨树桃树等等。

Our school is really great ,I love my school!

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