One discovers his ignorance only through learning.

I am very glad to study this course.The first story is shown us about a ship which is sailing in the Atlantic travel to the United States, the North American adventurer to denver. Tobacco has turn the United States James Don into a new city in order to attract British settlers migrate to North America.however they suffered food shortage. The Pilgrims share food with the local Indians and celebrate the dinner, and in order to commemorate the day,named Thanksgiving Day. The rum to be shipped to Africa to buy slaves, because British colonial ‘s inequality tariff policy,the militia forces in Lexington against the British, American freedom revolution started.Through this study,not only learning about the story of us,but also knowing my own shortcoming.i’m afraid to say and make mistakes,the reasons why my spoken language is poor.l have to listen carefully and seriously.l hope when i study the story ,l can make a progress

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One discovers his ignorance only through learning., 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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