Never argue with kids.

It is absolutely hard to agree with children. Although some people like to play with children, however also have so many people dislike kids. Because they had the opinion that they cannot talk with children in principle. In my opinion, I agree with this theory because I was a kid without principle.

It’s a memorable experience for me to enjoy my first buffet in my life. When I was 12-years-old, my father took me to a luxury restaurant called You Fei in my hometown Nantong. My father told me we will have a buffet, however I didn’t know what ‘buffet’ is at that time. We entered the restaurant and many people sat or walked in it. The restaurant is very big with all gold decoration. There were many waiters, they squeezed through a crowd. I found so many desks and chairs in the lobby and much different kinds of food were set on the desks. There were some kinds of fruit which I like such as watermelon, banana, strawberry and so on. I felt so  excited because my father told me that I can eat anything I see. So I took lots of watermelon and strawberry, then sat beside my father. Without warning, my father got angry and found fault with me. I didn’t know what happened but listened to my father. That time I didn’t understand my father, now I get the point. The thing is this buffet was very experience but I just ate some fruit. I wasted so much money. However I just figured it out in recent days by myself. Although my father talked me a lot. Unfortunately, I didn’t know why he told me that and what should I do. As a result, my father gave the idea up which let me know why I shouldn’t just eat fruit without any fish, meat or other food.

Another thing made my father both annoying and funning also happened in the restaurant. When we planned to go home, I thought my mom stayed at home and had nothing to eat. Therefore, I wanted to took some food away. So I caught hold of several bottles of caviar and some fruit in hand. Of course one waiter held me up and asked me to put all food back.  I didn’t know the principle in buffet. So I was unwilling to submit to the waiter. Then the waiter argued with me and hoped me to do what he want. Our argument attracted many people and more waiters came here to stop me. At that time, my father was saying ‘Good Bye’ with his friends. But when so many people payed attention to me, my father realized that something different happened. He gave an explanation to the waiters and hoped they can figured out. Finally, the restaurant’s manager came here and agreed my idea.

Now I grew up and never be a young child. I know many principles so I felt embarrassed about what I did in that restaurant. As a result, I realize that it is not easy to argue with kids.

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