My half-day tour in Shanghai International Textile Exhibition

  Eight days ago, the International Textile Exhibition was held in Shanghai. My father told me this but I didn’t care about it because I have nothing to do with this exhibition. But three days ago, in the morning, my father woke me up and let me known that he would take me to the exhibition. In fact, I dislike this idea because I felt so sleepy.

Of course my father ignored my revolt and went to prepare something we need in this tour.So Friday March 17,2017, It’s my first time to join a exhibition. At first, I would like to go to Cartoon and comics show in Shanghai in last year. Unfortunately, I was very busy in those days so I couldn’t go to enjoy it. I don’t know where and how big the show was until this time I went to Shanghai.

It was not a fantastic tour because we got lost in elevated roads. As a result, we wasted one hour and arrived the exhibition hall. It shocked me that there were so many people and so many cars. We expended half hour to find parking space underground. When we got off the car, one man came up us and showed some tickets to us. And I realized that they were scalping tickets. However, he failed because my uncle picked us up and we didn’t need to buy tickets.

When I got back in land I saw a substantial building stood in front of us. In my impression, the building was bigger than a standard football field. There was a number SIX on the building and my father told me there have eight exhibition halls in total. When I got into the building I found there were two floors in one building. So many people were talking with each other and visiting different stores. There were a lot of foreigners who came from various countries. My father took me to his exhibition stand and asked my idea about his achievement. I responded his question as excellent. In fact my father was a man who worked very hard and he was deserved to get his glory.

In my mind, sit in the exhibition stand was very boring. First of all, my father’s employees were working, they talked with customers and written down what customers need. It’s sadness for me because I cannot figure out what were they talking about. There were so many words I don’t know even in Chinese.  However most customers were came from Brazil, Indonesia, France and so on. They just spoken English and used terminology. Some customers were using their dialect English so I cannot understand any words.

In addition, the men who came from Indonesia always expressed fierce in their face. When my father asked me to be a temporary servant, I went to ask these customers which drink they want. They just glanced me and said nothing, then I felt so embarrassed in the silence atmosphere.

We went back to Nantong at 5 pm. When I arrived home I felt very tired. Accurately, my body was in good situation but my mental almost stop working.

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