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  • Nowadays, people can use internet with fast speed. Different people use internet in various ways. Some ways are positive and others are negative. Lots of people hold the opinion that make internet speed faster is […]

  • Every day I go to class in the morning and relax myself in the afternoon. Then I would review what I learned in the daytime at night. This is my day life in these two months and I had adapted me to this schedule. […]

  •   Eight days ago, the International Textile Exhibition was held in Shanghai. My father told me this but I didn’t care about it because I have nothing to do with this exhibition. But three days ago, in the […]

  • In last two weeks, I watched two documentary film named ‘The Men Who Build America’ and ‘America-The Story Of Us.’ I never seen any documentary films as this two. They impressed me how America grew into Superpower […]

  • It is absolutely hard to agree with children. Although some people like to play with children, however also have so many people dislike kids. Because they had the opinion that they cannot talk with children in […]

  • Most people know English. It is the most powerful language in the world. As a Chinese student, I had learned it for 12 years. However I just learn and learn and never use it in daily life. But it was changed from […]

  • When I just a kid, my father started his enterprise from nothing. Then I can meet many people who speak English. I am just a eight-years-old Chinese boy. I cannot speak English at all. So my father asked me to […]

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