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Last weekend we watched the documentary called America: The Story of Us,it describe the colonial war of America.What surprised me is that it  cost American only one hour to be the victor.Compared with America ,the success of China is full of hardships.At that time ,governors  put territory in the first place ,they are brilliant because only our countries become wealthy then we will be rich.However,all the wars are cruel.The soldiers which are captured will be taken to secret site and then asked questions about military , if they don’t answer they will be tormented and even to death . During this time,they may get a high fever or get ill.The most serious is flu ,many people will be infected if they are touched by these soldiers . In this documentary we can see that many soldiers were taken into the ship, they can’t get good treatment and just let their diseases go . Some of  them even don’t understand  that they got serious illness and if they are lucky enough to run away they may hurt others.It can destroy substance and even spiritual civilization.In my opinion,there are reasons for the existence of every policy whenever it is wrong or right.Time changing,we are living more and more comfortable and we don’t need to worry too much about the dead or survive of our countries. The history of America just like the epitome of China.Throughout 5000 years’ history of China,each step of march is tough and unimaginable.As a Chinese ,i’m proud of my country.It  comes out of bloody battle and be a mass of bruises, it never fell down.We cried,we yelled and finally we are succeed.Chinese were getting teased and jostled,but they never give up,they know that they need changes ,they need smart leaders which could take them into accound and guide their country to the future.So,many Chinese learn a lot about hardworking、brave or any other virtues.China is the world’s one of the earliest cradle of civilization, legend in BC 4600 years before there is the emergence of the state system (currently the earliest archeological evidence shows that China appeared to BC 3700 years ago at the latest state system), with three thousand years of written history. Chinese traditionally said China has “five thousand years of civilization” (the word “civilization” is ambiguous), but was based on historical data on the history of science, historic China only three thousand years by the world recognized. Today confirmed that the birthplace of Chinese civilization in the east of the Yellow River basin. About in the 5th century BC, the central plains area of huaxia tribes gradually into the feudal society. Around the 2nd century BC, China has become a unified multi-ethnic centralized monarchy country, and has rich cultural classics. To the first century or so, China has become one of the most developed country in the world. Historically, China has a few brilliant period, including the han, sui and tang dynasties, the Ming dynasty. China reached its peak in the 13th century, became the world’s most prosperous culture and trade center. With the compass, papermaking, printing, gunpowder and clock, led many inventions in the history of the world and makes a significant contribution to the development of science and technology, and has developed agriculture and the handicraft industry.“Now, everybody was discussing the Chinese dream, I think, realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, is the greatest dream of the Chinese nation since the modern time.the words are claimed by Xi Jinping. This is the general secretary of Xi jinping’s Chinese dream. But as a contemporary college students, what is our Chinese dream? Can we dare to dream?The answer is yes.

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  1. Hello Peggy
    Nice to see how you are comparing China’s past hardship to American History, if you can elaborate a bit more that would be wonderful.

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