Fast VS Slow Internet

Nowadays, people can use internet with fast speed. Different people use internet in various ways. Some ways are positive and others are negative. Lots of people hold the opinion that make internet speed faster is a good thing for them because they can enjoy the virtual world better. However, the other people are disagree with the opinion. In my opinion, faster internet speed is better than the slow one.

In spite of that slow internet will benefits people in some ways, such as people will pay more attention to other things which happened around them and focus on real life rather than virtual world. However, with technology’s developing, people will have a trouble in working or studying in the future. Let me give an example, a thing happened in my life. Everyone know students can choose courses which they like. Last term, my professor informed us to choose a course on the internet. I opened our school’s official website and prepared to choose course. Sadly, I failed to open our school’s official website because so many students were trying to open it. I waited for website’s response and tired again and again. When I opened it and I found that I have no choice but to choose football, in fact I dislike football.

First of all, if we have a fast internet speed. It will benefit us to send messages to others. Also we can get any information that we want from internet in short time. For instance, this day I went to check my China Telecom account on the internet. I hope to know how much money I left in the account and what service I purchased. Unfortunately, the internet speed was so slow and I would spend 10 seconds on each page. So I spent 10s to open my explorer, then more 10s to go to Finally, I opened China Telecom’s official website after 30s. When I clicked ‘sign in’ , I know it was another 10 seconds. Of course this is a bad experience for me.

In addition, we can download more applications with faster internet speed within the same time. It will be very beneficial for some people who have emergencies. For example, there was a trouble in my laptop and I had no choice but to buy a new hard disk. When I took my laptop home and my father told me he need my help. He wanted me to make a video about fire protection for his company. And he asked me to finish it before the next day night. I felt so anxious because just 10 hours left. With this emergency happened, I made my laptop downloaded some software and went out to take photos. Fortunately, my internet speed is very fast so it just costed me 90 minutes to download and install these software. As a result, I completed the task and my father praised me.

From the analysis above, it is safely concluded that people use faster internet is better than slow one. Because it is beneficial for people to use fast internet when they working or studying.

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