Everything is difficult at the beginning!

A week later, once again usher in the course, in fact, my heart is rejected.The first“The story of U.S.”lesson bring me a little shadow to my heart.

“This lesson is not to listen to not understand?” There is a little fear in my heart……

When the class is over, perhaps, I should think about: how to make the class go?

May I treat this course attitude? If, I reject this course, from my heart, I think I will never learn well. So, I should take it as a good opportunity to exercise, listen carefully, as far as I can understand. Then speak English, practicing my Oral English. Perhaps, it can progress……

It may be difficult to do at first. Don’t let this discourage you!

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  1. Hello Joy
    I’ve provide your likes and dislikes about the course, as well as other feelings.
    Please provide an essay with details about America About Us – Episode 1 – Rebels.

    If you can provide further details about what you saw and read, as well as your feelings and opinions about the first episode.

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