From the class, I learned about American Revolution.

I know the war was broken because of the rude rule in the British colony. The American fought against the British from Boston Tea Party. I think it is a right struggle against oppression.

The American were brave. I learned that American army was very weak, their equipment were very bad. They had even no training and the number of the people in the army was very small. The army had too little money to fight against the English army. But the English army was very strong, and they had good equipment, their army was trained well, the number of the people in the army was very large. They had lots of warships. However, the advantages of the American were shown. They were nimble. They often hide, shoot, run, hide, and then shoot. It was like what the Chinese Eighth Route Army did in the War of Resistance Against Japan. By the lead of Washington, after lots of wars, the American won at last and the country was free. I think that Washington was a good man. He was a gift of leading. It was him that leaded the American free.

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