Embarrassed event

Every day I go to class in the morning and relax myself in the afternoon. Then I would review what I learned in the daytime at night. This is my day life in these two months and I had adapted me to this schedule. At first, I think it is very easy to stick to this schedule until today.

This morning I went to a class as normal. But when I went home, something different happened. Today is Monday and my sister should go to her primary. However she was staying at home at 11 am. I asked her what happened and I got reasonable answer. The reason is that half of her classmate had got cold so her school gave them a holiday for one week.

I don’t care about it, I just finished my lunch then I wanted to take a rest. Normally, I just sit on my bed then go to Dialect Zone at 1:30 pm. However today something went wrong, I felt more tired than before and I hoped I can have a sleep on bed. Finally, I set an alarm clock and went to sleep. In my mind, everything is run in right way and I will have a wonderful time in afternoon.

Then the accident happened, I overslept until 2 pm. And  I didn’t listen to my alarm clock. I felt confused and anxiety. I got dressed as soon as I can. Then I known what happened. My sister was playing a game on my phone and the alarm clock cannot work when a game running. My sister realized what happened and gave me an embarrassed smile. I cannot blame her but went out fast.

When I arrived Dialect Zone was 2:19 pm. and I was late for 49 minutes. I felt so sorry for my late and I thought maybe I need a good rest this night.

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