Chinese New Year

people celebrate Chinese New Year from Chinese New Year’s Eve to the Lantern Festival.

At Chinese New Year’s Eve,people get together and have a big lunch and dinner.There must have dumplings.At 24:00,people set off fireworks.

You can not listen the firework until noontime of Chinese New Year.People visit relatives and friends.

You can listen the fireworks on the fifth day of the Chinese lunar month,because people want to fete the God of Wealth to wish that they can get lots of money in the new year.

At the Lantern Festival,people go to see lanterns and guess lantern riddles.In the evening,they eat yuanxiao.

However,most of people isn’t able to celebrate all these days,because they have to work or study,such as office workers,workers,doctors,nurse,policeman,students and so on.

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