I’m not a high school student, then why am I writing this? You must be confused.
Well, I just want to. And that is exactly why I’m going to write this not caring if you like it or not. Because I can see the CEE more objective.
I have some friend are preparing the exam. And they really work very, very hard every day. They just sleep 2~4 hours a day and they are in school for the rest of the time.
To tell the truth, I have no idea how they make it through with 4-hour-sleeping. They have to do many practice papers, exams, etc. And they don’t feel tired. Sometimes, they even don’t know they got sick. It’s like everything in their life is those stupid papers.
I borrowed their textbooks once before. To me, a Business-English-major student, the English is not very hard. But the math, chemistry, and the physics are like insane. Why do they need to learn these boring, useless things?
They do the same thing every day, they suffer every day. For what? All three years, just for a stupid, unfair exam! Why is it unfair? You cannot make sure you will be lucky when the exam day comes. Yes, luck. I think the most important thing in an exam is luck. You may forget everything if you get nervous. So you will need luck. And some will answer good job, better life. I say that is bullshit. How could you hand over your life to the textbook?
My high school friends always complained to me that they are learning the useless stuff at their most beautiful ages. I didn’t know what to say.
An exam should not decide one’s whole life. It’s unfair. The technique you need to make you live in the future is definitely not the theory on the textbook.
Since I mentioned the CEE, I shall have to mention the university. I assume all the universities are the same. The factor decides if you are going to be successful is yourself. For example, you worked so hard and got into Harvard. But you gave up studying and trying; your future will still be dark. And the same thing comes after; you failed in CEE, and got into a just-fine university, but you didn’t give up, I think the future will be bright.
So, don’t be too harsh on yourself, if you are about to taking the CEE.

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