Embarrassed event

Every day I go to class in the morning and relax myself in the afternoon. Then I would review what I learned in the daytime at night. This is my day life in these two months and I had adapted me to this schedule. At first, I think it is very easy to stick to […]

My half-day tour in Shanghai International Textile Exhibition

  Eight days ago, the International Textile Exhibition was held in Shanghai. My father told me this but I didn’t care about it because I have nothing to do with this exhibition. But three days ago, in the morning, my father woke me up and let me known that he would take me to the […]

Never argue with kids.

It is absolutely hard to agree with children. Although some people like to play with children, however also have so many people dislike kids. Because they had the opinion that they cannot talk with children in principle. In my opinion, I agree with this theory because I was a kid without principle. It’s a memorable […]

Chinese New Year

people celebrate Chinese New Year from Chinese New Year’s Eve to the Lantern Festival. At Chinese New Year’s Eve,people get together and have a big lunch and dinner.There must have dumplings.At 24:00,people set off fireworks. You can not listen the firework until noontime of Chinese New Year.People visit relatives and friends. You can listen the […]


It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

Last Chinese New Year

Last Chinese New Year,my father and mother gave me a red packet.On the Chinese New Year’s Eve,I had a big dinner with my family.On the Chinese New Year’s Day,I watched a lion dance in the afternoon.In the evening,my father and I were lighted the fireworks.On the second day of Chinese New Year,I ate a big […]