Impression of view

Last weekend we watched the documentary called America: The Story of Us,it describe the colonial war of America.What surprised me is that it  cost American only one hour to be the victor.Compared with America ,the success of China is full of hardships.At that time ,governors  put territory in the first place ,they are brilliant because only our countries become wealthy then we will be rich.However,all the wars are cruel.The soldiers which are captured will be taken to secret site and then asked questions about military , if they don’t answer they will be tormented and even to death . During this time,they may get a high fever or get ill.The most serious is flu ,many people will be infected if they are touched by these soldiers […]

Ice & Snow World

Harbin is the provincial capital of HeiLongJing province which is my hometown. Harbin ice and snow world is “city of Harbin” set the essence of the world of ice and snow art, melting snow and ice entertainment project, known as the world’s largest ice and snow art scene, ice and snow entertainment project of the […]


It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.


My school name is Yuelong Middle School.  It is  good place,it have two教学楼 ,we can study about many 知识, and I like Art best ,beacause it often make me feel happy, and I amgood at it,so I can study it so easy  .Our school has a big playground we often play there at PE lesson. […]


Nicholas is a 13-year-boy,he is my twin brother.He is a student in NO.3 Middle School. One day,Nicholas is sleeping at class.Suddenly,the English teacher Mr. Ke says,”Nicholas,stand up and answer my question.”Nicholas is not clear,he stands up slowly.”Be quick!Now,listen to me.Tomato is vegetable or  fruit?” “Eh…Fruit.”Some students start to laugh “What?” “Oh,vegetable.”All the students are laughing. […]