Battle of Changsha

Battle of Changsha is a book also a TV series. The story happened in Anti-Japanese War (1937~1945), and it’s real. It’s different from other books or TV series, the war is not the main line. The author wrote the book from a family’s point of view. They are a normal family in Changsha. The family kept growing in the war, from fear to fight till the end. The war took away everything but their courage.

“War is a catastrophe to everyone; no one can keep out of the affair.”

“We can forgive, but never forget.”

I love these two sentences in the book most.

We live in peace, and have no idea what will the war bring. Nowadays, people always say, you have to remember the Anti-Japanese War. But we don’t know why, we didn’t go through it, we can’t image it. We may read it in book, but it doesn’t impressive.

About Battle of Changsha, I actually watched the TV series first, because I like the man character in it. At first, I thought the anti-Japanese drama would be the same as others (Like a Chinese ripped a Japanese person with his hands.). But Battle of Changsha was very different. Every frame was ordinary but impressive. Compare to some heavy movies, it was more relaxed. The war frame is much less than any other series, however, it’s more realistic.

Hu Xiangxiang is the main actress in the book. She’s a new female in that time. She went to high school and dreamed about to travel around the world and write book, but the war destroyed it.

The War Marriage became a trend, more and more families let their daughter marry to other provinces to save life. So that, Hu Xiangxiang met Gu Qingming, a major.

Hu Xiangxiang’s life was flexural. At the end of the story, she lost everyone. Her parents, sister, cousins, and her twin brother. The war brought a huge mental torment to her. She went back to Changsha when she’s in the terminal cancer. Her bone ash was scattered at Yuelu Mountain, she wanted to guard her home.


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