Fast VS Slow Internet

Nowadays, people can use internet with fast speed. Different people use internet in various ways. Some ways are positive and others are negative. Lots of people hold the opinion that make internet speed faster is a good thing for them because they can enjoy the virtual world better. However, the other people are disagree with […]

Embarrassed event

Every day I go to class in the morning and relax myself in the afternoon. Then I would review what I learned in the daytime at night. This is my day life in these two months and I had adapted me to this schedule. At first, I think it is very easy to stick to […]

My half-day tour in Shanghai International Textile Exhibition

  Eight days ago, the International Textile Exhibition was held in Shanghai. My father told me this but I didn’t care about it because I have nothing to do with this exhibition. But three days ago, in the morning, my father woke me up and let me known that he would take me to the […]

Something I know about America

In last two weeks, I watched two documentary film named ‘The Men Who Build America’ and ‘America-The Story Of Us.’ I never seen any documentary films as this two. They impressed me how America grew into Superpower from a colony. The man I most want to discuss is Davison Rockefeller. In the beginning, he just […]

Never argue with kids.

It is absolutely hard to agree with children. Although some people like to play with children, however also have so many people dislike kids. Because they had the opinion that they cannot talk with children in principle. In my opinion, I agree with this theory because I was a kid without principle. It’s a memorable […]

A New World For Me-Dialect Zone

Most people know English. It is the most powerful language in the world. As a Chinese student, I had learned it for 12 years. However I just learn and learn and never use it in daily life. But it was changed from last 2 weeks. I went to a place called Dialect-Zone. That’s a sunny […]

Sorry, ‘Mine don’t know.’

When I just a kid, my father started his enterprise from nothing. Then I can meet many people who speak English. I am just a eight-years-old Chinese boy. I cannot speak English at all. So my father asked me to answer others’ questions as ‘Mine don’t know’. I believe my father and whenever other ask […]


From the class, I learned about American Revolution. I know the war was broken because of the rude rule in the British colony. The American fought against the British from Boston Tea Party. I think it is a right struggle against oppression. The American were brave. I learned that American army was very weak, their […]

Impression of view

Last weekend we watched the documentary called America: The Story of Us,it describe the colonial war of America.What surprised me is that it  cost American only one hour to be the victor.Compared with America ,the success of China is full of hardships.At that time ,governors  put territory in the first place ,they are brilliant because only our countries become wealthy then we will be rich.However,all the wars are cruel.The soldiers which are captured will be taken to secret site and then asked questions about military , if they don’t answer they will be tormented and even to death . During this time,they may get a high fever or get ill.The most serious is flu ,many people will be infected if they are touched by these soldiers […]

Everything is difficult at the beginning!

A week later, once again usher in the course, in fact, my heart is rejected.The first“The story of U.S.”lesson bring me a little shadow to my heart. “This lesson is not to listen to not understand?” There is a little fear in my heart…… When the class is over, perhaps, I should think about: how to make the class […]

Episode 1 – Rebels

I felt excited after watching this incredible video because those who called themselves Americans had great passion towards life and strong urge of liberty , which contributed to making divided colonies into a union – America . When it comes to a new thing , people always feel curious and a little bit frightened . However , people who dare to explore deserve more chances . The first settlers came with huge greed to gold . But half of them didn’t survive due to starvation . They didn’t know the new land and their initial target was gold though they didn’t find it at all . That was why they failed . But the second settlers came bringing some tobacco seeds which made the hell on earth into a boomtown . They grew tobacco and exported them to Europe . If you want to do something , you had better be prepared . People of colonies paid taxes to Great Britain which burdened them a lot . But all they could do was laying low , trying not to make fights and living in peace according to the great power of Britain . With the arrival of British solders , Boston were under occupation . A lot of people lost their jobs which made them very angry . These solders were ordered not to shoot colonists . But with the fierce argument between British solders and colonists , one solder hit a young man with a club and that was how wars started . British solders were all well trained and armed . However , colonists barely had a man was ever into wars . Most of them were farmers , carpenters and workers . They didn’t have skills and experiences . But if you want to get something , go for it . To colonists , all they wanted was liberty . Every men took a gun and took guidance from those who had some experiences before . When they were told the British solders were heading for them they were ready to fight . But the colonists were too weak to fight against the British solders and they lost heavily . With the strong pursuing of freedom , they didn’t give up . They took the advantages of them and fought back again . Eventually , they beat the British solders . Back to the contemporary society , most of us don’t even know what do we want to do . Some of us had a purpose but majority of them didn’t stick on it and gave it up finally . Success only belongs to those who have ambitions and fight for them all the way .

The beginning of “nightmare”

A beautiful and still tall name in American history.To get the book, I see is the “story” rather than “history”, the heart is a little joy. However, when the class begins, the video is played in front of me, and my heart is collapsing.For me, it seems impossible to understand. However, I also look at […]

One discovers his ignorance only through learning.

I am very glad to study this course.The first story is shown us about a ship which is sailing in the Atlantic travel to the United States, the North American adventurer to denver. Tobacco has turn the United States James Don into a new city in order to attract British settlers migrate to North America.however […]

The midterm exam

This Monday, our school had a midterm exam. The first subject was social science and history. That is not easy, but I finished it 30 minutes before the time to hand the examination paper in. So I rethink the question that very difficult. The second subject was Chinese. I would hand in 150 minutes later. […]

The homework for this weekend is too much

Yesterday is Friday. Our teacher gave us a lot of homework. In the morning, our Chinese teacher gave us the homework at first. She wrote 1/4 of the blackboard. Then the Math teacher came and said that the midterm exam is coming, so we should do 4 pages. After the English class in the afternoon, she wrote down 1/4 of the blackboard. At that time, half of the blackboard is filled with the homework. Then we have Physics lesson. The teacher taught us how to correct the homework all the lesson. We thought there would be no homework, but she said that the midterm exam is coming, so we need to do a lot of homework. Before we would go home, the Political lesson representative wrote down the homework. Then there was just little space. However, my classmates said that these homework is a day’s homework for the other school’s students.

My friend Deng Chao

My friend Deng Chao is a boy who is a little fat. His name is the same as the famous man“邓超”. He is very fun but doesn’t do well in any subjects. However, he loves our monitor. Our monitor is a very good girl and does every thing well. Deng Chao often does something wrong and our monitor likes to hit him. He doesn’t give up, and told us that our monitor hit him shows the love. However, another boy in our class love our monitor. That boy is very good. He is the son of one of our vice-presidents. Luckily, our teacher let him sit behind our monitor, and he got the happiness, even if she doesn’t like him.

catch lobsters

Yesterday afternoon, I went to catch lobsters with my grandpa.At first, he found a long piece of Bamboo sticks, and than, he found a long wire and a short iron wire. He also found a big earthworm and made the iron wire go through the earthworm. He made these like a fishing rod. I took it and went near a pool. I threw the earthworm into the river and waited. After a while I pulled it up. There was a little lobster. It caught the earthworm firm when I picked it off! I thought, it was mad, it was more willing to chose die for food than for life. That afternoon, we caught a lot and all of them were in my stomach now. They were really more delicious than that in the restaurant and much cleaner. But because there was too more lobsters, we couldn’t eat water chestnut this year.

A Music Lesson

We have music lessons every week, but few of us like it because it is neither fun nor exciting. The songs in the book are neither popular nor we like. We can’t do homework there and we need to walk down from the 4th floor, walk a long distance and walk to the 2nd floor to get to the music room. It takes us a lot of time to get there and go back. However, some students like it, and sing the songs often.

we have a new Chinese teacher this term

This term,we have a new Chinese teacher. All of us want to know how she is. When the class began, we all know it. She is a good teacher. She taught Grade 9 a few years ago, and in our mind, who teaches the 9th grade is a good teacher. After learned some days, we […]

I will have a test of Erhu tomorrow

I will have a test of erhu tomorrow afternoon. So that I should prepare more than the test last year. I had practiced more than last year because I knew that the 10th test is more difficult than the 9th. Tomorrow I will go to the place where to test at about 2:30 p.m., my teacher will be waiting for me at the gate. I will meet who studies with me to have the test. My parents will be waiting for me anxiously while I’m having the test. I will play it more carefully. I think I will pass the test. I’m looking forward to the test.

A wet afternoon

Yesterday afternoon when I was playing basketball with my friend, it rained suddenly, so we began to go home. On the way to home, it stopped at once and became sunny. After playing an hour it began to rain suddenly. We thought it would stop in a few minutes, but some time later, it didn’t […]

The moon was full on 30th July

On 30th July, I found that the moon was full. It looked like a golden ball and shined very light, so I had a look at it. The dark lunar mare could be saw very clearly. If there were a telescope, I could watch the moon more clearly, but the weather wasn’t good, it was cloudy, so soon some of the cloud shut out the moon so I couldn’t see it. That day, the moon was like the broadleaved epiphyllum flowers just a little time in the evening. After I watched the moon, I went home to sleep.

We have to take our homework to schoolevery 15 days in summer holiday

We have to take our homework to school every 15 days in summer holiday. I took my homework that I did last 15 days to school yesterday and let my class master have a look at it to know if we did homework or play all day long. She said we should go there after 4:30p.m.and before 5:30p.m. I got there at 4:20 but she was there at that time. I put my homework one after one, and she just looked them and gave me back. After I put half the homework on the table, I felt that she didn’t know the homework, so I didn’t put all the homework on the table. After I had put the homework that she had looked, however, she said that I did more homework than that she had wanted.

The holiay is so boring with a little fun

Our summer holiday is so boring. We all stay in our home and did our homework. There is only a kind of fun things. It is that some of the homework is like a joke. One day, when I’m doing my maths homwork, I found a math problem which has something wrong——the teacher put the […]

The homework in the summer holiday

This summer holiday is not as good as last one. We have a lot of homework to do. Like a book named happy summer holiday has 140 pages, and we also need to do 5 Chinese test paper, 5 Maths paper, a book full of English reading comprehension and so on. We all felt very bad and we […]

What a ‘happy water game’

On Tuesday afternoon, there was a ‘happy water game’ between Mr. Ji and Mr. Ju. We were having a Chinese lesson that time. The teacher was telling us something important as a reviving for the exam. All of us were learning carefully so that we could caught everything that the teacher told us, and all […]

My new desk mate

My new desk mate is a boy. He is very funny and love playing games very much. He also love watching movies, read story books like fighting and become stronger and stronger. He often talk with me about the games, the books and the movies after class. One day, he told me some thing about that he played games when he is a student of primary school. He said that from 2011 to 2012, after the game ‘CF’ had been created, if they had computer class, some of the students would make a little Computer Virus so that they can play the game. They fought with another class to know which class is the best, but at last, no body won and all of them was poor in grades. He also told me that his father and mother just want him to be good in Chinese, Math, and English, so now he can’t tie his shoes. Even if it, he is bad in his grades. He loves drink tea as I am. He often takes tea too school, so I can drink it too. I often take milk to school so I can put milk and tea together and we all think it taste good. That is my desk mate. I don’t know how to describe him.

Yesterday’s match

    Yesterday, I went to Dongzhou National School to have a match called Dian Zi Bai Ping. It is a interesting match, and I thought I’m good at it because I practiced it for a lot of time.The first part is to make a 电路. I’m fast but someone in the classroom did it slowly and not good, so I thought I can win the price.The second part is to fix it. I did it the most quickly, and I am the most quick student in the room.Then is writing. I thought it’s easy, so I hope to be the second price.

We went to school 6 days this week

    We had to go to school 6 days this week. Because there will 3 days free for us when the students in Grade 9 have High school Entrance Examination. So if we don’t go to school 3 more days, we will learn less and can’t get good grades. And there is a 3-day […]

A game in my class

    Last Friday noon time, we played a game. First, my deskmate, I and the boy behind me started to play a game. It is play Rock Paper Scissors at first, if you loss, you will drink a cup of water. Sooner, a lot of students played. I loss the least, and I didn’t have […]

Things in my kitchen

Pots There is a iron pot in our kitchen,and two pressure electric cookers. The iron pot is used to cook dishes. Mum said that use iron pot to cook is good for our health. The pressure electric cookers can make rice more delicious than automatic electric rice-cookers do. They can also cook soup too.  There is a water pot too. It can boil water.  Stove Our stove need natural gas. Because natural gas is better than coal gas. extractor hood     When we cook, there will be some oil evaporated and make the wall dirty. So we need extractor hood to inhale the soot, and some extractor hood has some lights, so it is useful. Dressing Soy     Soy is often used in braise in soy sauce. That can make food beautiful. Vinegar     It is a sour thing. Dip with vinegar can make food taste better. Sugar It is often used in braise in soy sauce, too. It can make food sweet. Brown sugar     The same to sugar, but it is the necessity thing to make the bean paste. Salt     It can make food delicious. Oil     It is the necessity thing to cook. Sesame oil It is the thing which can make food smell better. Tap and pools     We use them to wash vegetables, meet and dishes. Tableware Chopsticks     They help us with eating. Spoons     They help us with drinking. Bowls & Dishes     They can be used to be put food. Things used to cut Knives & Scissors     Cut things easily with them. Cutting board     We put things on them to cut. Fridge     It can make things cold so we can keep food fresh for a long time.

Something will happen next week in our class

    Next week, our head teacher will go out to have a trip and a meeting for a week, however, she is the best English teacher in Grade 7 in our school, so all of us are worring about the note because we used to write much note ago, and the substitute teacher can’t teach us well.

My deskmate is a “robber”

    Yesterday, my deskmate had one pen to write, and the student behind me had lots of pen, and my deskmate wanted to rob some penfrom her, so he immediately robbed the pencil case of her, but the girl wasn’t angry, because she is rich and thought that if a man has much money, he will […]

Our English teacher has a new hairstyle

Today, when we see our English teacher, we find she has a new hairstyle. Six days ago, she has black hair like noodles, and today she seems to use hairspray and has brown hair like instant noodles. It looks funny and all of us felt it make her younger and more beautiful.

The thing happened in the middle term exam

Today is the last test of the middle term exam. One of us didn’t come, because she had slept lately yesterday so she got up lately this morning. Thirty minutes later,she came to the examination room, but she had just 90 minutes to finish the test. So all of us felt very sorry because her examination results isn’t […]

So poor a boy

    He is a friend of mine. He is named Deng Chao. One day, he let a girl angry ,so, as we know, he would be very poor at sometime. At lunch, when he went to pipi, the girl threw the boy’s pencilcase to the top of the air-condition, but it was picked up by […]

One of my friends

    Hu Baoluo is one of my friends. He loved to play with girls. One day, I saw he was playing with a girl like a girl did. So I asked him why he like doing that. However, he didn’t reply to me, but just said ‘hello’to me. When I told my classmates. They […]

How lucky we were

Our English teacher is a good teacher .One day she gave us just s little homework ,and told us,’the other classes has lots of homework ,and we did them many days ago .’All of us laught and thought about the other classes did that very tired and mad, but we were happy to play. How […]

A bad boy

    There is a boy in my class. He loves reading books about love in class or after class. One day, our teacher found it and broke the book at once. But he couldn’t seldom read it . So he rob the book from other students. However,  he has good grades, and no one knows […]

A friendly boy

     My friend Zheng Haonan is a boy who is in a rich family and friendly in our class, and there is a girl who is very poor in our class. One day, there was a long walk to Yuanboyuan,and the girl was too poor to pay for the food of the BBQ, so the […]

What a boy

My deskmate is a boy .Yesterday, he caught a cold ang got a fever all day long .At 7 a.m.,his body temperature was 38℃ .After four lessons, we had lunch. He ate a little and went to sleep. At that time, his body temperature was over 42℃ .Teacher would like to call his mother ,but he refused, […]

Such a poor boyⅢ

My deskmate is a poor boy .One day,he read a big book called ‘Dragons’ group’.When he read it in the history lessons, the teacher found it and picked it up .After class, he asked me to help him get the book back ,or he would pay for the owner .I wasn’t able to help him […]


I’m not a high school student, then why am I writing this? You must be confused. Well, I just want to. And that is exactly why I’m going to write this not caring if you like it or not. Because I can see the CEE more objective. I have some friend are preparing the exam. […]

Such a poor boy Ⅱ

    My deskmate is a very poor boy. He has poor performance. Teacher don’t like him at all, because he love to play computer games. One day, We have a music lesson, and he show us something. These are lots of game top-up cards. Each card cost 100 RMB and there are 12 cards! […]

Such a poor boyⅠ

My deskmate is a boy who is often bullied by girls.One day,a girl put some water into his bag.However,he don’t angry and says nothing.When I ask him why,he tells me a little story:”one day,I hit a girl in her face,and she told teachers,then I was made copy all of the Chinese book,so I know I isn’t […]

Ice & Snow World

Harbin is the provincial capital of HeiLongJing province which is my hometown. Harbin ice and snow world is “city of Harbin” set the essence of the world of ice and snow art, melting snow and ice entertainment project, known as the world’s largest ice and snow art scene, ice and snow entertainment project of the […]