A New World For Me-Dialect Zone

Most people know English. It is the most powerful language in the world. As a Chinese student, I had learned it for 12 years. However I just learn and learn and never use it in daily life. But it was changed from last 2 weeks. I went to a place called Dialect-Zone.

That’s a sunny day, I slept until 11 am. After lunch my father asked me to go to see a person. He told me that the person is different from anyone I know in China. So I suspected that my father wanted to introduce a foreigner to me. And I didn’t feel surprise or shock but just a little excited. Because my father cannot speak English, so I must use my poor English to chat with the mystery person.

We arrived the place early so we had no choice but to stood out of the room. After 15 minutes the door was opened and a man appeared. That is the first time I met my new teacher. He let us went into his room and I found so many interesting things in the room. It’s amazing to see many various machines in the normal house in China. I felt very curiously about these unfamiliar machines. Most people use only English in the place and lots of children are playing here, I can experience their full energy. Children do different performance with they did in school.

I went to the fantastic place every day and enjoyed these time. Not only to learn knowledge but also make my mental and physical relaxed. All things in the place are different with my former knowledge. Everything is new and I felt excited. I had been a traditional Chinese about 22 years. I live in China and stay here without any personal goal. I just wanted to live in peace and die in peace, to make sure my parents and my child can live through their life without danger.

Now everything is changed. I met many people who have different characters or world views. I had know what should I do and how to do. I wish I can make myself better, I want to make friends with different people, I hope to make my name knew for  more people. Today, just a beginning.

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